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Can't figure out the best location to hang a list, tool, calendar, photo, broom, etc. & worried about damaging your surfaces with a solution that won't work? StickIt Solutions solves the problem & eliminates these needless hassles and worries.

The StickIt Solutions line of homeware products feature a proprietary adhesive border that can be reused and repositioned 100s of times without leaving any mess, holes or permanent hardware.

Our product line features three main categories:

StickIt Solutions are perfect for your home, RV, office, dorm room, classroom, or any location with a smooth, flat surface. Get organized with StickIt Solutions!

How Our Products Work:
  • Simple To Install: The backside features a unique proprietary adhesive border that functions like nano-suction technology -- think millions of tiny suction cups packed together as tightly as your skin cells. Simply peel & stick!
  • Reusable & Repositionable: Move from door to fridge to mirror to cabinet and back again & make slight adjustments to ensure exact placement. Use these peel & stick erasable message boards 100s of times.
  • No Mess: No hardware, tools, tape, or tacks to fuss with and no damage to walls & surfaces.
  • Colorful & Fun: Have some fun with our whimsical designs, colorful selection, and variety of sizes.

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Recommended Surfaces:

Suitable for any smooth, flat, nonporous surface such as paint, glass, metal, wood, tile, laminate, and stainless steel. Not suitable for wallpaper, porous/unsealed, and delicate surfaces. Always test first.

Working Surfaces


 $5 Flat rate shipping on orders under $50.00. FREE SHIPPING on orders totaling $50.00 or more.

Warehouse Location:

All products are shipped from our Portland, OR and Chicago, IL warehouses.




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