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Top 3 Bathroom Spots Where Stickhooks Save the Day!

August 31, 2021

Top 3 Bathroom Spots Where Stickhooks Save the Day!

Bathroom spaces can be cramped and one spot where you need to have stuff handy & easy to reach, yet still put away & tidy. We've rounded up the top three (3) places where our water-resistant Stickithooks come to the rescue and maximize your bathroom real estate:

1. The Shower - our peel & stick hooks adhere perfectly on laminate and tile, giving you flexibility over where to place your sponge, puff, or razor. Unique, Stickithook hanging solutions are clear to streamline your space and at $4.95 for a 4-pack, you can't beat the price!

2. The Bathtub - Admit it: from simply soaking and watching YouTube to having a glass of wine and storing kids' toys, we do more than just bathe in our tubs. If you bring a lot of items into the tub with you, Stickithooks provide a great option for storing all your accessories easily, safely and within reach.

3. The Mirror - Our clear hooks give you another storage option for large bathroom mirrors since they affix right on the surface of the mirror -- if you have a favorite comb, a magnifying mirror, or any other grooming item you want to keep handy, Stickithooks on the mirror is the way to go! 

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