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Take the Hassle out of Hosting Holiday Guests

October 26, 2021

Take the Hassle out of Hosting Holiday Guests

Whether you have college kids returning home for the holidays, or other family members who might have extended stays at your place over Thanksgiving weekend, you should grab a 4-pack of Stickithooks to quickly make your space more friendly and usable for you & your guests.

Simply peel the backing off the hook and place it in your shower for an extra bath puff, in the mudroom to hang guests' jackets, in the kitchen for their favorite mug -- the possibilities are endless! If you have an elderly guest, try our Stickitholder to keep their cane handily stored for easy access. When your guests leave, you can easily remove the hooks and holders, leaving your surfaces undamaged!

At less than $5, simple hacks like Stickit Hanging Solutions are the way to go this holiday season -- taking the hassle out of hosting so you can enjoy your time together!

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