Stickit Lists Make Great Gifts For The Holiday Season!

As this clip from Good Morning, Sacramento illustrates, Stickitlists make great gifts for the holidays or any day! With a price point of under $10, our wide assortment of whimsically-designed whiteboards with dry-erase markers make them the go-to gift idea for even the hardest people on your list. Stickitlists help you stay organized so you can be more productive this coming New Year.  Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a small present for someone at work.
Peel & Stick adhesive strips on the reverse side let you hang and move Stickitlists again and again (100s of times!) on any sealed, solid surfaces -- including stainless steel refrigerators -- without damaging them! Get these fun and innovative Stickitlists today and give the gift they'll be talking about long after its opened!

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