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Save Time & Money with StickitHooks

March 08, 2021

Save Time & Money with StickitHooks

Avoiding clutter is key to getting the most out of each day and our Stickithooks can help you get there quickly, affordably, and easily! 

Start in any room that needs de-cluttering -- in the bathroom, peel & stick a hook inside your vanity door and hang your hairdryer and hair ties and take your sink space back! Slap one on your bathroom tile for your bath sponge or use them to organize your home office, gift wrapping supplies, or kitchen utensils, oven mitts, or coffee mugs. Great for homes, apartments, dorms, RVs, campers, offices -- you name it.

Unlike the competition's sticky hooks that can be hard to remove and can damage, our Stickithooks feature a reusable adhesive gel that works great on a variety of surfaces -- wood, glass, tile, stainless steel - and can be moved, and re-used without damaging sealed surfaces! Plus, at $4.95 for a pack of four (4,) our Stickithooks are affordable, too! Save your surfaces and yourself and use peel & seal Stickithooks and Stickiholders to start decluttering today.


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