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RV Organization Tip - Own the Back of Your Door

October 14, 2020

RV Organization Tip - Own the Back of Your Door

Organizing your RV to maximize space and to make everyday life on the road easier doesn't have to stress you out!  Whether you just bought a new RV or you’ve owned one for years, you probably know that using ALL of your space is a main goal. And, our Stickithooks can get you there quickly and easily by helping you make use of one of the greatest RV hacks: maximizing the back of the door.

 The best hacks keep it simple, involve lightweight solutions that are multi-purpose and make the most of your space. Stickithooks (4-packs sell for $4.95) are a peel & stick, lightweight yet sturdy hook that can help you own the back of your RV doors for a variety of purposes. Hang towels, purses, lanyards, nightgowns, keys, swimsuits, dog leashes -- you name it -- and enjoy less clutter, keeping your go-to items easily within reach, and knowing they are secure when your RV moves. Try Stickithooks to own the back of your RV doors and have more time to enjoy your adventures!

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