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Operation Organize: Your Office

February 07, 2020

Operation Organize: Your Office

If you want to save more time in 2020, consider what Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” In that spirit, we welcome you to the first in a series of StickitSolutions posts on quick ways you can get more organized and save more time!
First up, The Home Office: There is a reason paper calendars are still around and thriving: according to a recent survey, sales of throw-back planner products like wall calendars and to-do lists are booming! One of our customers says, "When I write things down, it reinforces it more in my brain." And, we also know when we see reminders, lists, and appointments in front of us (rather than have to search through our phones), we are less likely to forget them.
Our Stickitlists -- restickable dry-erase boards w/markers (wipe and reuse, so they are good for the planet, too) with whimsical & fun designs -- are the answer you didn't know you were looking for! Try these affordable, fun, and easy-to-use (and re-use) lists to keep track of appointments & reminders and enjoy 2020 to the fullest! 

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