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Keep Track of Gift Lists and Shopping with Stickitlist!

November 19, 2020

Keep Track of Gift Lists and Shopping with Stickitlist!

Here's an idea: Place our peel & stick Stickitlist on your stainless steel refrigerator to jot down last minute gift ideas & shopping items with the attached dry-erase marker. Then, before you head out, just snap a picture with your smartphone and you'll never forget that one pesky item again!

Our Reminders Stickitlist ($6.75) is the perfect affordable solution! The two strips of proprietary adhesive on the back affix to stainless steel (and all sealed, solid surfaces) easily, it's reusable dry erase material, and you can move and re-place it 100s of times! If you're like most busy people, you think of gift ideas and to-do items while cooking and doing tasks around your house -- so when you do, you can just write it on your Stickitlist. This way, you can keep a running list in a nice central location. And, once you take care of all the items, you can just wipe the dry-erase board clean and start over.

Get your Stickitlists today and get a grip on the hectic holidays.

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