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Holidays are Coming, so Organize Now!

November 05, 2020

Holidays are Coming, so Organize Now!

You likely still have a few weeks before you haul the tree into the house, go through the string of lights to test for duds, and buy your evergreen wreath for the front door, so use that time wisely to organize and get ready.

As you organize for the upcoming holiday crush, rely on our Stickit Hanging Solutions to help! Simply peel & stick and press our hooks and holders into place, and your clutter and organization problems are solved.

Stickithooks are the perfect temporary solution for hanging hooks on the fireplace mantel, holding light strings as you decorate a room or frame a window, and for affixing your holiday wreath to the front door.  You can use them in your bathroom to secure and store personal items like hairdryers and styling irons and in your kitchen for oven mitts and coffee mugs.

Stickitholders feature a large, clear gripper with safety-orange rubber non-slip material to hold and keep a variety of items, like brooms, canes, sports equipment, and garden tools in place. The gripper expands to accommodate a variety of different-sized handles and can be an organizational life saver in de-cluttering your garage, utility room, bedroom and more!

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